“In this film, not only do we hear the facts of the event, we see the struggling people and their hungry dogs waiting for any small scrap tossed their way. Just as the ravenous animals anxiously await food, we also see the people wading in from the waters with baskets braced on their shoulders carrying infected seaweed in hopes of scavenging enough to make their trip worthwhile.”

Review Utah Film Festival

Utah Film Festival Review

“A Crude Injustice has raised the stakes in the debate over who is ultimately responsible for the conditions in West Timor following the Montara oil spill.”

Article Bangkok Post July 3, 2017

News & Reviews

“Australia’s largest-ever oil spill has had devastating impacts on West Timorese people. Eight years on, they’re still seeking justice. The film, A Crude Injustice tells their story.”

Nicole Curby Asia Calling, KBR Jakarta July, 2017

Asia Calling

All in all, ‘A Crude Injustice’ delivers exactly what its title promises: it chronicles the struggle of a handful of people to be noticed and to be properly compensated for the great deal of irreversible damage that was done to them. The fact that the film’s producers try to shed light on this little-known case is an admirable endeavour in itself, and is properly transposed in the shape of a short documentary.”

The Monthly Film Review

TMFF Review

“Journalist Jane Hammond has been following the story since the blowout in 2009. For the past four years, she’s been working on a documentary film that tells the story of the Indonesian fisherman and seaweed farmers in West Timor, who say they’re still suffering devastating after effects of the spill.”

ABC Radio National August 21, 2017

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ABC Radio National