A Crude Injustice is a 26-minute independent documentary that tells the story of the long term impact of a major Australian pollution event on the lives of seaweed farmers and fishermen in the neighbouring Indonesian province of West Timor.

It was made by Australian freelance journalist and filmmaker Jane Hammond to help bring world attention to the plight of the thousands of West Timorese effected by this disaster.

The film is currently screening in film festivals around the world and we are looking for a broadcaster to take it on. The film will later be released on DVD and online.

An Indonesian language version of the film is also being made. It should be available by the end of 2018.

A Crude Injustice was developed with the assistance of  Screenwest  and Lotterywest and with the help from FTI’s Philanthropy program.

It is supported by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and The Wilderness Society.